Fix-Right Flat Rate HVAC Service Repair Price Guide


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To review an Example Price Guide or the User Guide simply click on the respective thumbnail below. To order click on one of the green buttons below and securely fill out the Fix-Right order form electronically. Once your order is received and processed you will receive your price guide as a PDF format file to download.  See the step-by-step order process below. If you have questions give us a call at 800-240-2823.

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Learn How the Best Residential HVAC Businesses are Achieving These Results:

Subscription includes Right-at-Your-Desktop Live & Recorded Training:

Subscription includes a complete set READY FOR YOUR LOGO:

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  • This Residential HVAC Service & Replacement Business Operating Manual is based on the best-of-the-best practices for a Retail Residential HVAC Service & Replacement Business. It is an A to Z how to startup and or run a thriving residential HVAC Service & Replacement Business.  Includes standard operating procedures for lead generation, service and sales call handling, work delivery, inventory control, account receivable and payables, and more.

8-Step Proven Delivery Process to Ensure Accuracy:

  • You complete one of the above subscription order forms and submit the associated price guide financial set-up.
  • If you chose the three (3) flat-rate price guide sets, then you provide us your current equipment product line pricing of standard HVAC split/package systems and/or ductless mini-split systems.
  • We produce your price guide(s) based on your specifications.
  • We send you the completed price guide(s) to be downloaded from our account using the email address you provided in the order form. (The price guide can be opened with free PDF file reader software, such as Acrobat Reader, that you can obtain on your own.)
  • Along with the price guide(s) we also send you an email invitation to meet and discuss the price guide and afterward will immediately make adjustments to the financial setup and/or equipment matchups per your request.
  • You confirm by email to our assigned price guide implementation coach your approval and acceptance of the final version of your price guide(s).
  • We send you the price guide’s data file to integrate the price guide(s) with whatever third-party accounting or field management software that you use, formatted to match the template you provide us.
  • We offer you UNLIMITED FREE online user training for you and your staff.