Commercial HVAC Business Systems Deliverables

Depending on the Ready-Built HVAC commercial program package you selected, we offer up to 34 online courses carefully prepared to reflect the breadth of service, project/design-build, human resource management and financial management departments and their associated proven operating methods, processes and forms.   This program is based on extensive research of known best-practices and proven to:

  • Close 8 to 10 commercial service agreements every week.
  • Project 50% or better to close potential client appointments every week.
  • Convert 2 out of 10 service calls to a quoted job.
  • Increase by 65% or more the billable hours per call.

Commercial Service Course Descriptions »

Depending on the commercial program package selected, within 6 weeks of enrollment registered owners and their staff can have the complete set-up and implementation of:

Commercial Service & Design-Build Departments: (DELIVERABLES)

  • A best-practice commerial HVAC service website.
  • Service agreement lead generation procedures.
  • Professional service agreement sales call handling procedures.
  • We produce AccuPro commercial/industrial service agreement pricing program, including inspection as well as full labor and full coverage plans.
  • Professional service and project/design-build call handling procedures.
  • Professional service and project proposal agreement templates.
  • A proven service agreement program.
  • Professional service and sales call handling processes, as well as forms that systematically harvest more opportunities on all calls.
  • Demand service, service agreement, and quoted project/design-build work delivery standards.
  • Training material handouts, tools and resources.
  • Commercial service agreements and lead generation direct mail campaigns.
  • Proven service agreement expansion strategies and tactics.
  • Owner occupied industries business list procurement assistance.
  • Individual sales rep sales quota setting and sales tasking planning procedures.
  • Individual lead tracking and performance reporting procedures.
  • Dispatcher service call-handling communication guide.
  • Proposals include best practice liability & payment protection terms and conditions.
  • Performance-based pay plan for commercial service agreement sales reps.
  • An incentive plan to pay technicians for profits.

Human Resource Management Department: (DELIVERABLES)

  • A complete set of performance-based job descriptions and evaluations.
  • Employee handbook template.
  • Recruiting, hiring, training, staffing, and deployment procedures.

Financial Management Department: (DELIVERABLES)

  • Our BudgetPro financial budget and labor forecasting program.
  • On-going business evaluation and improvement plans.
  • Written inventory control standard procedures and forms.
  • A complete set of collections & accounts receivable procedures & forms.
  • Unlimited access to expert consulting and process implementation support.